Holby City spoilers: Jodie's baby SHOCK for Sacha!

Sian Reese-Williams plays Jodie in Holby City
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After fleeing Holby in disgrace, Jodie makes a surprise return this week - and it turns out she's got some BIG news for ex Sacha...

It seemed like we’d seen the last of Sacha's scheming lover Jodie when she fled after being rumbled for poisoning his daughter Beka. But, this week, Sacha's stunned when Jodie makes a shock return to Holby.

With Jodie now back where he can see her, Sacha (Bob Barrett) calls the police, so that Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams) can be arrested for what she did to his daughter. But, as they talk, Jodie then drops an almighty bombshell... she's pregnant!

Holby Sacha calls police

Sacha calls the police... but then Jodie makes a revelation that changes everything!

Jodie clearly thinks the news will make Sacha fall back into her arms but Sacha doesn't believe her - he even runs an ultrasound to prove it! However, when the scan does indeed confirm she’s having his baby, he decides against getting the police involved and realises it's his duty to protect her - and the baby.

However, mental health nurse Lucky Simpson is disturbed when sees Jodie back at the hospital. Lucky tells Sacha he can't give mentally unstable Jodie the support she needs and she thinks Jodie should be sectioned. When Jodie sees Sacha and Lucky talking, she freaks out and flees the hospital.

Knowing the Jodie is capable of anything, Sacha's adamant she needs to be found and quick - otherwise he fears harm could come to Beka and now his unborn child. Sacha wants to get in the car and go looking for her but Lucky advises him to stay at the hospital, should Jodie call, so Dom takes his car and goes instead. And that's when events take an unexpected and very tragic turn…

Elsewhere, and with Jac no longer at Holby (sob!), Darwin needs a new clinical lead. Whoever replaces Jac certainly has some big shoes to fill - so enter a familiar face in the shape of Henrik Hanssen’s former protege Sahira Shah (Laila Rouass).

Laila Rouass plays Sahira in Holby

There's a familiar face on Darwin with the return of Sahira Shah. But what brings her back to Holby?

Sahira looks very 'together' when she returns and is soon thrown in at the deep end working with Kian on a case that really tests her emotionally. So what brings her back to Holby? Is she really ready to be back at Holby? And will she able to keep wayward Kian in check?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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