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Holby City spoilers: Will Jac survive further surgery?

Holby Jac Collapse
(Image credit: BBC)

As Jac fights for life, her close friend Fletch is in turmoil…

Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher was left distraught last week after finding his close friend and colleague, surgeon Jac Naylor, collapsed in her office from a post-op infection. But Jac and director of nursing Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) had a massive row prior to her collapse. And as she now lies in an induced coma, Fletch seems to be doing all he can to avoid going to see her.

Meanwhile, Professor Gaskell (Paul McGann) and surgeon Roxanna MacMillan (Hermione Gulliford) are thrilled when Jac finally wakes up. But scans show Jac has an abscess and needs surgery to relieve pressure on her spine.

In theatre, however, Gaskell discovers Jac has sepsis and battles against the clock to save her. Gaskell stabilises Jac but it’s then revealed that, without further surgery, Jac’s at risk of multiple organ failure – and even death!

When word reaches Keller ward of Jac’s critical condition, Fletch locks himself in the staff changing room, where he has a full-blown panic attack!

Fletch is relieved when news emerges that Jac’s surgery has been a success – but he admits to dad Steven he’s been reluctant to go and see her because of their fall-out. Later, however, Fletch finally plucks up the courage to visit Jac in recovery. Will she be pleased to see him?

Meanwhile, new Holby porter - and Fletch’s dad - Steven flirts with Serena, who is obviously missing her partner, Bernie. Could this lead to romance?

And, as Roxanna and Gaskell lock horns, Roxanna decides to leave his trial.