Holby City spoilers: Will Max CATCH the hospital thief?

Holby Max McGerry
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As Louis is spotted stealing valuable equipment from Holby, will CEO Max McGerry find out her own son is the hospital thief?

In recent weeks, Holby City nurse Louis has felt responsible for the fact his old friend Vicky has fallen on hard times, so he’s been stealing computers and expensive surgical equipment from the hospital to help get her back on her feet.

When Max is made aware of goods being stolen, this week, she orders an equipment audit of the entire hospital.

With Louis making sure he isn’t captured on CCTV, it looks like he just might be getting away with it - that is until he’s caught red-handed by junior doctors Josh and Jeong!

Holby Louis Tyler Luke Cunningham

Busted! Louis (Tyler Luke Cunningham) is caught removing goods by colleagues Josh and Jeong...

Not wanting to have any part in his ‘crimes’, the pair give Louis until the end of their shift to tell Max, who’s got bigger problems to deal with.

She’s extremely distracted by her mother Sanya’s worsening condition and the shock discovery that Louis has arranged a secret DNR for her.

Later, Louis decides to come clean to Max and admit he’s the hospital thief! Max is stunned as transgender Louis - born Lily - tells his mum how Vicky was the only person who was there for him when he was going through his transition and he felt rejected by his ‘bigoted’ family - including her!

Later, Max calls Fletch to her office and tells him to bring security. Is she really going to shop her own son to police?

Meanwhile, Dom is determined to undergo his stoma reversal but he knows Sacha needs a skilled surgeon to assist in the operation. When mum Ange tells troubled Dom to 'come to her if he needs anything', Dom boldly asks her if she’ll be the one to assist Sacha in theatre. Dom’s confident she’ll say yes in a heartbeat - however, she refuses to agree to it, saying it’s too soon.

Holby Dom stoma reversal

Family ties: Can Dom persuade Ange to help Sacha perform his life-changing surgery?

However, when Dom then uncovers Ange’s affair with Josh, he tries to use her ‘secret’ to manipulate her into assisting in the operation. Ange is insistent the surgery is unethical and dangerous operation - but will she agree to take part?

Also, Lucky issues Kian with an ultimatum…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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