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Holby City spoilers: Will Nicky pawn a necklace to get out of debt?

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How low will cash-strapped medic Nicky go to pay off blackmailer Steve?

Ever since being blackmailed by patient Steve into giving him cash in return for his silence about her mum Tracey’s car accident, medic Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu) has been doing all she can to pay off the debt.

Nicky’s rent is overdue but she’s thrilled when flatmate Cameron lends her his late mother’s gold necklace to wear to the registrar’s ball that evening.

However, things turns sour at work when acting CEO Max McGerry hears Nicky’s been working shifts at St James’s hospital – when she was signed off sick from Holby! Max is furious and orders Nicky to pay back the money she ‘stole’.

Things get worse for Nicky when mum Tracey (Cathy Murphy) reveals Steve’s been in touch with her demanding more cash – or he’ll go to the police about her driving without insurance. Nicky insists she’ll sort things but when she’s refused further credit from her bank, Nicky feels desperate.

Holby blackmailer Steve

Will Nicky go to drastic lengths to get blackmailer Steve off her back?

Later, when she returns home, a drunk and distraught Nicky is forced to tell Cameron she’s lost his mum’s necklace! However, in secret, Nicky then visits a ‘cash for gold’ website…

Meanwhile, Sacha performs his ground-breaking new bowel surgery and vows to get over Essie by focusing on his professional career. But Essie begins to regret her choice to get back with Ben.

And Donna has a crisis of confidence in her looks but is comforted by Xavier.

Holby City continues on BBC1.