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Holby City spoilers: Xavier finds himself TRAPPED with Scary Sue!

Holby Xavier Duvall Donna Jackson
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Xavier and Donna's relationship has hit a rocky patch. But when Xavier suddenly vanishes from AAU, Donna fears something awful has happened to the man she loves…

After a rocky few weeks, Donna Jackson and Xavier 'Zav' Duvall have decided to give each other some space in Holby City. But when Zav goes missing, this week, Donna realises how much she needs him in her life.

Nurse Donna (Jaye Jacobs) is rushed off her feet on AAU when registrar Zav approaches her wanting to talk. Donna’s not interested, though, telling Zav he can’t just win her around and that saying 'I love you' isn’t enough.

Elsewhere on the ward, matron 'Scary' Sue (Angela Lonsdale) discovers Pamela, an elderly patient with Alzheimer's, has gone AWOL. Sue spots Zav outside feeling sorry for himself and orders him to help her find Pamela.

As they search the basement, Zav and Sue find Pamela collapsed in a storeroom and rush to her aid. But as the storeroom door slams shut behind them, it's revealed there's no handle on the inside – they're locked in!

Holby City Scary Sue Angela Lonsdale

Will Zav find out just how 'Scary' Sue (Angela Lonsdale) is when they get locked in the basement?

With no sign of Zav on AAU, Donna thinks he’s gone off in a sulk following their earlier conversation. But when Zav fails to respond to her calls and news comes of an attacker on the loose near the hospital, Donna fears the worst.

Back in the basement, Sue – who's had her fair share of heartache – advises Zav on how he can win Donna's heart.

Later, when Donna spots Zav and Sue on CCTV walking towards the basement, she's relieved, as she heads down with security to release them. Can Donna and Zav finally get their relationship back on track?

Elsewhere, Cameron wonders if he's truly cut out for life on Darwin, and Carole tests Hanssen's patience.

Please note Holby is on Wednesday as well this week!

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