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Holby City spoilers: Xavier wages WAR on Cameron!

Holby Xavier Duval (Marcus Griffiths) main
(Image credit: BBC)

Fed up of Cameron Dunn being hailed Holby's 'hero' following the lift incident, Xavier Duval vows to prove the junior medic is a fraud…

Xavier has had his doubts about junior doctor Cameron in Holby City ever since he performed ‘heroic’ surgery on a patient in a broken-down lift. And, this week, the registrar’s suspicions are confirmed.

When he discovers Cameron gave hospital porter Jason a gift following the incident in the lift, Xavier knows there’s more to the story.

AAU is already short-staffed when it’s overrun with patients from a bus crash. With few surgeons available, confident Cam pushes to lead surgery on a man’s stomach ulcer. But when Nicky’s forced to take over, Cam convinces her not to tell Xavier, saying he won’t reveal she’s taking part in a drug trial.

Out of surgery, Cameron and Nicky insist everything went well and there were no complications. But Xavier smells a big, dirty rat…

Holby Cameron (Nic Jackman) insert

Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) doesn't trust shady Cameron as far as he can throw him...

Xavier heads to the basement and quizzes Jason, who reveals he had knowledge of the procedure that was required in the lift that day. But when Xavier asks Jason outright what happened, he’s horrified when honest Jason confirms he saved the man’s life NOT Cameron! Will Xavier expose Holby’s ‘golden boy’?

Meanwhile, Fletch is in the grip of a nursing crisis and is relying on agency staff like Tayo to fill the gap. When a confused Gloria (played by Only Fools & Horses’ Marlene, actress Sue Holderness) goes AWOL and Fletch finds her in a hospital storeroom looking for supplies, it’s Tayo who calmly persuades the patient to return to her bed. Can Fletch convince acting CEO Max McGerry that nurses like Tayo are the lifeblood of the NHS?

Also, Essie, Ben and Dom deal with the fallout of all their secrets being exposed…

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.