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Holby City spoilers: Ric Griffin breaks the rules!

Holby City spoilers: Ric Griffin breaks the rules!
(Image credit: BBC)

Forbidden to operate, Ric steps in to save a man's life…

He might be a free man after being acquitted of medical manslaughter, but experienced consultant Ric Griffin is not happy about being put on restricted duties since being back at Holby.

When former patient Kit McNeil returns to the hospital and it's revealed he has an aggressive tumour, requiring urgent surgery, Ric (Hugh Quarshie) knows he can't be the one to treat him, so reluctantly has to pass the man's care over to Serena Campbell.

Meanwhile, he's keen to show the Holby board he's ready to move forward, and pitches an idea for a radical new treatment that requires funding. But he's disheartened when chairman Lord Rashid says they can't be seen giving money to an "ex-con". Can the board be persuaded to invest in Ric's project?

Later, Serena's in surgery with Kit, and Ric turns up to watch from outside. When Kit develops a bleed, Serena desperately needs a skilled consultant to help – and there's no time to wait! So Ric defies protocol, intervenes and manages to save Kit's life. But, in doing so, has Ric crossed a line?

Meanwhile, Roxanna is thrilled to be working alongside Professor Gaskell on the stem cell trial. Her faith in her friend is soon put to the test, however, when she makes a shocking discovery...

Also, when Fletch suspects new CEO Abigail is giving a patient less than her full attention, he begins to question who his new boss really is.