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Home and Away spoilers: Will Robbo rejoin the Feds and leave the Bay?

Robbo in Home and Away

Robbo is tempted by Lance's offer to get involved in a big drugs bust. But is he really ready to return to his old life and rejoin the Feds?

The folk in Summer Bay are suddenly starting to see Robbo in a new light after he helped save Hunter during the fight on the pier. So will he really re-join the Feds and leave the Bay behind?

Lance is keen to get Robbo back on board to help the Feds with a big drugs operation. But down on the beach, Robbo confides in friend Tori he's still not exactly sure what he wants to do. Will Tori sway Robbo's mind or will it be bye-bye to the Bay?

Meanwhile, Olivia is feeling mortified over the way she treated Hunter after their break-up, especially now he doesn't want to see her while he recovers in hospital. Can the pair find a way to kiss and make-up or is their friendship finally doomed?

Elsewhere the future of Justin's garage business hangs in jeopardy as scheming Ebony threatens to sue him for $100,000 after her car "accident". Will Justin be the first casualty of Ebony's plans to avenge the death of her brother Boyd?

Catch Home and Away from Monday 11th June at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5