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Home and Away spoilers: Will Justin Morgan's garage get shut down?

Ebony Easton's fake accident causes big trouble for Justin and his staff at Summer Bay Auto. Will the business get shut down?

Summer Bay Auto is under investigation after customer Ebony is involved in an "accident" just after having her car fixed at the garage!

The police are called after Ebony's car crashes into a tree and she ends up in a neck brace, complaining of neck pains. But all is not what it appears as, once alone back at her hotel, Ebony removes the neck brace and calls her mum Hazel with an update on her latest trouble-making.

The damage is done, however, as Justin is confronted by copper Colby and a Fair Trading Inspector who accuses Justin of dodgy mechanic work! To make matters worse, the garage will be shut down while an investigation into the job on Ebony's car is carried out, and Justin is at risk of having his work licence cancelled...

Also, Olivia meddles in Jasmine's love life, determined to get her together with Colby. Will her plan work?

Catch Home and Away from Monday 4th June at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.