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Hunter is attacked!

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

VJ makes amends with Hunter when he bumps into him on a run. When Hunter asks for some space, VJ carries on exercising; however, things take a nasty turn when Hunter is dragged into a car by thugs. Luckily, VJ sees everything and tells Zac and Leah.

Kat finds a collapsed Hunter by the roadside, he has clearly been drugged and when he gets home, he doesn't remember a thing.

Alf embarrasses Charlotte when he blames her for Hunter's kidnapping. She knows Trystan is to blame and arranges to meet him. But when he makes a chilling threat, Charlotte takes matters into her own hands and runs him over.

Olivia denies that she is responsible for the damage to Charlotte's flat but, when Kat looks into Olivia's criminal history, it's clear that Olivia is more than capable of causing damage. When Olivia arrives home without being charged, she talks to Irene, but the conversation ends abruptly when they talk about Olivia's life in London.