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Inside Alton Towers – C4

Inside Alton Towers Channel 4
(Image credit: C4)

Behind the scenes at the UK's biggest theme park as it attempts to win back visitors after 16 people were injured on a ride in June 2015

Alton Towers is the UK’s biggest and most popular theme park, known for its huge and thrilling rollercoasters.

But in 2015 two carriages on The Smiler ride crashed, hurting 16 people, five with life-changing injuries.

The park lost a quarter of its visitors, received a £5 million fine and is still in negotiations about compensation for the victims of the terrible accident.

This film is about the park trying to win back the visitors and its reputation.

It follows the team as they design and build a new £16 million rollercoaster.

Inspired by the film The Wicker Man, it’s built of wood, with a huge effigy at the centre that bursts into flames as the ride goes through it.

Inside Alton Towers Channel 4

The theme park's new £16m ride, inspired by The Wicker Man

But will it be enough to win back the crowds?

TV Times rating: ***