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Is Robyn’s romance doomed?

(Image credit: BBC/Richard Ansett)

Staff nurse Robyn Miller is undeniably smitten with medical courier Zach Manley. So when Zach texts her asking her out again this week, Robyn finds it impossible to play hard to get and sends a speedy reply saying she’ll meet him later that evening!

But as the anticipation of their date builds, Robyn confides in receptionist Louise she hasn’t yet kissed the hunky man she’s falling for – even though she’s been calling herself Mrs Robyn Manley in her daydreams!

Louise urges caution, however, and advises infatuated Robyn to remember a good relationship can’t be based on good looks alone. Robyn’s in a dream world, however, and is determined to make her date one to remember as she’s on a mission to lock lips with Zach!

After work, the pair head out to an auction at the local pub and are when Zach suggests they find a quiet corner somewhere Robyn is full of excited anticipation. Her bubble bursts, however, when Zach suddenly plants a kiss on Robyn — and it’s absolutely terrible! Shocked to discover dashing Zach is a terrible kisser, she recoils, and can’t wait to get away!

Elsewhere, Charlie’s heroin-addicted son, Louis, manages to give his dad and Tess the slip. Cal is hit hard by the death of a young cancer patient and ends up walking out of the ED. But he returns later with a new determination and tells clinical lead, Connie, he’s ready to start the hard work towards becoming a consultant.

Meanwhile, Max and Zoe’s relationship hits a rocky patch. When consultant Zoe undermines hospital porter Max’s thoughtful Devon holiday plans by booking an expensive foreign getaway, frustrated Max spends the night in his car. Is it curtains for the couple?

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