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It's Valerie's hen do!

(Image credit: BBC)

As the girls gather for Valerie's hen party, Tuesday Le-Bow introduces herself as their burlesque dancer and instructs the group to create their own signature moves. There's strong competition but Valerie wins the prize – it is her hen party after all. Later, Valerie tells Karen how having cancer has inspired her to grab life - without it she may not have even been marrying Barry.

Barry arrives for his stag and is delighted that Rob's invited his best mate from work Gavin, but as Ross arrives he realises he's actually invited his work-enemy. Ross bullies Barry and he finally erupts – uninviting him to the wedding. Later, Barry praises Valerie for making him the man that he is and, as the men compliment their partners, Jimmi feels isolated.

Sid's friend Zach suddenly turns up and proposes - it's clear he wants to find a way to stay in this country. A patient, Alexa, overhears and offers to help him out, leaving Sid appalled when Zach asks her out for a drink.