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Jack shares his suspicions about Glenda

EastEnders Jack Max Branning
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Jack admits to Max that he’s suspicious that Glenda is up to something in EastEnders.

*Second episode*

Glenda is still helping out Jack with the kids, but he gets paranoid about what she’s really up to. Confiding in Max, he admits that he’s finding it hard to work her out. His attention is soon drawn elsewhere when he has to go to the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths. Left alone with the kids, Glenda tries to help out Amy by letting her have a special treat. When Jack gets home he’s furious with what Glenda has let Amy do and he confronts her...

Mick is determined to stay positive in the wake of what’s happened with Babe. Despite coming up with a new lunchtime deal at The Vic, things don’t quite go to plan, prompting Mick to uncharacteristically snap at Abi.

Louise asks Bex to stay clear of Shakil. Agreeing to stand by Louise, Bex is hurt when Louise dumps her to spend time with mean girls Madison and Alexandra.

Also, Stacey makes a discovery about what Martin’s doing at the allotment.