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Josh and Evelyn get engaged

Evelyn, Josh, Maddy and Matt celebrate Evelyn getting her tattoo removed. And with their relationship at an all time high, Josh decides to propose to Evelyn - who says yes!

Tank is rushed to hospital after being stabbed and Zac tries his best to support Greg. News travels back to The Bay and Evelyn and Josh are horrified at Zac's links to Tank. With Evelyn distressed at the possibility of having Tank back in her life, Josh heads to the hospital but is held back by staff.

While Tank recovers, Leah tells Zac to stay out of his problems, but Zac refuses. Later, Evelyn says she will never forgive Zac if he helps Tank out of prison.

VJ takes things a step too far and kisses Skye in front of Billie. Horrified, Skye storms off, so Oscar has a quiet word with Billie and he realises the relationship is a sham to get Billie's attention. Billie sets things straight with VJ and it seems there is chemistry between her and Oscar...