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Justin and Phoebe Nicholson sleep together

Phoebe Nicholson in Home and Away

Justin works his magic on Phoebe Nicholson...

Justin turns himself into Phoebe Nicholson's personal handy man, much to her frustration and joy. As the pair flirt and fight, things take an unexpected turn after a meal at Salt.

Alf is livid when he finds out that Duncan is on a date with Tori, rather than facing his childcare responsibilities. While on his date, Duncan makes a troubling confession about his relationship with Alf...

Tabitha, Olivia and VJ decide to form a study group, and things seem to be going well until VJ convinces Hunter to join. Hunter labels Tabitha, Olivia's 'pet project' and in retaliation, Tabitha says something really damaging.