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Karen Taylor protects Bernadette but her daughter is hurt and angry

EastEnders - Bernadette Keanu Karen
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Karen Taylor visits her grandchild’s body alone, deciding not to take Bernadette who is angry about her mother's decision

Bernadette is in bits after the miscarriage. She begs Karen to take her to the hospital to say goodbye to her baby but Karen puts her off. When Karen goes to see the baby on her own, Bernadette is hurt and angry.

Meanwhile, families are still in shock after the disastrous events of the previous week. While some grieve for their loss, the guilt gets too much for one Albert Square resident, and they’re forced to face demons from their past.

Linda is still in two minds over whether to leave Mick. But Jack’s words are still in her head... Will she have a change of heart?