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Kathy Burke’s All Woman – C4

Megan Barton-Hanson and Kathy Burke inKathy Burke's All Woman
(Image credit: Flicker Productions TV)

Comedian and actress Kathy Burke talks to women all over the UK about their life experiences in new C4 documentary Kathy Burke’s All Woman

Actress Kathy Burke presents funny, refreshing three-part documentary Kathy Burke’s All Woman on C4, which explores what it really means to be a woman in 2019.

‘Everyone seems to have an opinion on what a woman should be.

‘Well, this is my opinion,’ says Kathy. 

With episodes tackling motherhood and sex and relationships, the series opens with a look at beauty and image, and the lengths some women will go to achieve physical perfection.

Kathy talks to women all over the UK, as well as giving us revealing insights into her own experiences.

She also chats to famous faces, including photographer Rankin, artist Lucian Freud’s model Sue Tilley, as well as Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson (pictured top with Kathy), who’s spent around £40,000 transforming her looks.

Kathy and Rankin in Kathy Burke's All Woman

Kathy and photographer Rankin discuss beauty in Kathy Burke’s All Woman on C4

Kathy also visits a plastic surgeon to consider ‘freshening up’ her face but, at a cost of £20,000, decides she’ll keep her ‘double chin, saggy neck, old jowls and miserable lines’, thank you very much!

A joy to watch, thanks to Kathy’s quips and insights. 

TV Times rating: *****