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Keanu puts himself in danger when he confronts a loan shark!

EastEnders - Keanu Taylor Lloyd
(Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

When nasty loan shark Lloyd turns up to reclaim his debt from Karen, Keanu tries to front up to him but he finds that he's met his match.

Karen has to think fast after finding the loan shark Lloyd in her flat with the kids, and finds a way to get them out of there so she can talk to him alone. Karen attempts to get the debt sorted once and for all. She is shocked, however, at how ruthless Lloyd is prepared to be to get his cash. When Keanu turns up, he’s shocked to find the television missing and fronts up to Lloyd. He makes it clear that he’ll be taking something much more sentimental than a television next…

Woody confronts Whitney, asking her why she kept her divorce a secret. Meanwhile, Woody is still at the Vic, nursing a hangover from the night before. As the day wears on, Woody and Moose bicker and eventually end up in a fight. Whitney is furious when it ruins her plans for a night at the theatre with Woody.

Lauren is still feeling at odds with Josh and decides to work from home to avoid him. She’s surprised, however, when he turns up to see her. Not willing to deal with her feelings for him, Lauren asks him to leave. Have Lauren’s fears pushed them apart again?