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Keegan's claims reduce Louise to tears!

EastEnders - Louise Bex
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Bex has to comfort Louise, who doesn’t know if she can cope.

Louise’s trauma continues following Keegan’s accusations about her, as she has to cope with even worse consequences. When Sharon finds a desperately upset Louise she’s concerned. Bex, as usual, is the one to step in and comfort Louise, and find out what’s going on.

Lauren lets slip to Steven that all’s not well, prompting him to suggest they spend the day together. Things don’t go to plan and Abi makes things even worse by interrupting Lauren and Steven’s day with the news that Josh is coming to her birthday party. When Steven sees the look on Lauren’s face it makes him even more paranoid...

Joyce is worried about the Taylors moving to the Square, despite Ted’s attempts to calm her fears. The Taylors continue to make an impression on their new neighbours when they get off to a bad start.