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Kitty's the cat that got the cream

Kitty helped Harry launch the store’s biggest ever beauty event, and, on the back of its success, convinced Harry to give Connie a job in the fashion department.

Meanwhile, Frank interviewed Charlie and Silas - two of the ex-servicemen who’ve been loitering outside Selfridges - for his new book. After Frank plied them with alcohol at Colleano’s, their bitterness about life after the war was at boiling point when they returned to the store. And when Kitty walked past on her way home, an argument ensued and Charlie attacked Kitty.   


As Charlie tried to pin a kicking and screaming Kitty to the ground, Harry arrived and chased Charlie and co away, before comforting a badly injured Kitty.     


Elsewhere, Lord Loxley bid against Harry for the field – pushing the price through the roof. Harry eventually won and offered Nancy a paid position as Manager of the project.


Meanwhile Victor told Agnes she couldn’t even begin to imagine the horrors Henri saw during the War. With Agnes now even more worried about Henri’s state of mind, a row erupted between them in one of Selfridges’ window displays. Henri ran off and didn’t return home that evening…