Abi Branning shocks sister Lauren with her latest stunt!

EastEnders - Abi Branning Lauren Branning
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Lauren Branning is stunned when she catches her sister Abi wearing her wedding and she demands to know what Abi is playing at.

Abi is in a sticky situation after being sacked from the vet’s, as her flatmates are concerned she won’t be able to pay the rent. To stop them worrying, Abi lies that she’s being given a full time job at the Vic. Things go even more downhill, however, when Mick reveals that he’s got to let her go from the Vic because of cost cutting.

Lauren is feeling rattled, as it’s the day she and Steven had booked for to get married. Deciding to cut Steven out of her life completely, she makes plans to get rid of all his belongings. After a heart-to-heart with Kathy, Lauren goes to check on Abi - and is horrified to find her trying on her wedding dress!

The Carters pulls together to put on a great Halloween bash at the Vic - complete with spooky outfits! Meanwhile, Tina heads to the cash and carry to stock up on alcohol. She soon finds herself in a terrifying situation when a knife is pulled on her…

Also, Bernadette gatecrashes Louise and Bex’s night out. Meanwhile, Billy convinces Honey to let Will go trick-or-treating with Dennis.

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