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Lauren has a dinner date with Josh

EastEnders - Lauren Branning
(Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Josh has something to ask Lauren after taking her out to talk business...

Lauren hides her excitement when she gets a call from Josh, the guy from Max’s office. Josh suggests that they go out to dinner to discuss a photography job. More than keen to accept, Lauren leaves Louie with Steven. At the restaurant, Josh encourages Lauren to fulfil her potential and apply for a job at his company.

Ben and Jay are still desperate to find another flatmate to help pay the rent. Determined to help out her friends, Abi makes a sterling effort to find someone suitable. When she doesn’t have any luck, she comes up with another idea to help Ben and Jay. Will her bright idea work?

Tina steels herself to visit Shirley in prison, but how will Shirley feel about the news Tina has to give her sister?