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Les makes a shock decision!

Paul confronts Les, telling him he knows about Babe's blackmail. After Paul encourages him to take a stand, Les fronts up Babe, insisting he'll go to the police even if the truth about Christine comes out. When Babe realises Pam knows nothing about their conversation, she smugly ups the payments. Stressed as Pam refuses to let him admit the truth, Les tells Claudette he misses Christine. Finding out Claudette still has some of Christine's outfits, Les is tempted back into dressing as Christine...

Vincent is shocked by Donna's request, refusing to father a baby for her. After Donna makes a heartfelt plea over her desperation to be a mum, Vincent backs down, agreeing to talk to Kim. Despite trying to broach the subject with Kim, Vincent's efforts are frustrated. After telling Donna he's having doubts, he's then forced to tell Kim after all, as she realises he's hiding something from her.

Lauren is frustrated as Ian continues to lock himself away, even ignoring baby Louie. Forcing Ian to talk to her, Lauren pleads with him to open up. Snapping under stress, Ian blurts out that Jane is moving to Birmingham at the weekend.

Also, Ronnie agrees to double date with Roxy, but it all proves too much.