The Living and the Dead

The Living and the Dead
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A strange new mystery baffles Nathan as the spooky drama continues…

You'd really not want to spend much time in the village of Shepzoy, would you?! After the vicar’s daughter started behaving extremely oddly last week, it’s the turn of young villager Charlie, who keeps seeing and hearing visions of a group of mysterious young boys. Nathan’s (Colin Morgan) paternal instinct comes out in force as he does his best to get to the bottom of things in order to help Charlie and his mum Agnes (The A Word’s Pooky Quesnel). But it’s not long before Nathan’s own past, and that of the village itself, returns to haunt him again along with other inexplicable occurrences. Meanwhile, Charlotte is continuing apace with her plans for the farm, but she’s also desperate to get pregnant. Can her maid Gwen advise?

Charlotte Spencer plays Charlotte Appleby in The Living and the Dead

Charlotte Spencer: 'Charlotte goes in all guns blazing in The Living and the Dead' (VIDEO)