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Loose-lipped Adam Barlow reveals his plan

Adam in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Adam Barlow gets drunk and lets slip a little more then he intended to Todd

In the Rovers, Adam Barlow reveals his plans to set up his own legal firm and make some serious money. When Todd says he’d be interested in coming in with him, will a drunk Adam reveal too much?

At the spa, Toyah breaks down and tells Leanne and Eva how much she wants a baby and how she went through years of fruitless IVF with Toby. When Leanne suggests she could still start a family with her new man, will Toyah be forced to admit he doesn’t want any more children?

In a bid to solve his financial problems, Kevin tells Anna they should sue David Platt and go after compensation for her injuries. How will Anna react?

As Jenny swoons over wedding magazines, Kate warns Johnny he could end up penniless if he’s not careful. Will Johnny heed her advice?