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Lost in London - Sky Cinema Premiere

Woody Harrelson runs riot in London
(Image credit: Signature Entertainment)

Woody Harrelson stars in this daringly oddball movie shot in one take. 4/5 stars

With this one-off cinematic experiment, the star relives a night of embarrassing misadventures from 2002 that saw him land up in a London police cell and front-page news.

Writer and director, as well as star, Harrelson shot the movie in a single take with the aid of 300 crew and 500 extras, simultaneously live-streaming the results in cinemas in 2017. Even if nothing else, Lost in London is an astonishing technical accomplishment, a thrilling seat-of-the-pants venture that actually works.

It is also rib-ticklingly funny, a freewheeling shaggy-dog tale that sees Harrelson go through a series of crazy mishaps involving a public dust-up with his wife and nerve-wracking run-ins with an 'Arab prince’, his boozy entourage, good friend Owen Wilson (playing himself), an irate taxi driver and the police.

Along the way, Harrelson sends himself up something rotten, gets in good digs at celebrity culture and reels off more than a few choice one-liners.

This film premieres on Sunday 30th June.