Louis Theroux: Selling Sex - C4

Louis Theroux with contributor Victoria

Who buys sex? Who's selling it? In Louis Theroux: Selling Sex, a few taboos are challenged in the quizzical reporter's latest investigation

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex sees a man who never shies away from taboo or controversial subjects – see his documentaries on the Westboro Baptist Church, for instance – once more taking on a challenge (Sunday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Interviewee Victoria

Money talks: Victoria

This time out he's turning his attention to the business of the people who sell their bodies.

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Exchanging sexual services for money is legal in Britain, and now social media and the internet mean more and more people are selling sex from their own homes, or hotels.

Louis meets some of those participating in this new sexual economy.

TV Times rating: ****