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Madison Robinson is a singing sensation

Madison Robinson in Neighbours

Madison Robinson impresses the crowds at The Waterhole

Rhonda Riley arrives for her performance at The Waterhole. But little does Maddie know that Paul’s trying to convince her to cancel her show. Meanwhile, a crowd is building for the show and Rhonda is nowhere to be seen. Aaron convinces Madison to take the stage and as she starts to sing the crowd falls in love. Rhonda arrives just in time to see her stage having been claimed by a brand new singing star.

Terese is devastated when she discovers six hidden cameras in the hotel, Tim was right! She sifts through the footage while Amy tells her that Ryan Prescott could be the culprit. In order to protect the business – Terese destroys the footage, unaware that she’s just lost evidence that could prove Xanthe’s allegations against Cooper.

When Lauren and Brad catch Ned and Elly kissing, Brad organises for them all to have dinner – but it’s a disaster when Elly continually offends Lauren. Afterwards, Elly and Ned agree to take things slow for now – before Elly has a casual snoop in Ned’s wallet and finds a lock of blonde hair.