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Marilyn refuses to visit John in prison

Will Marilyn regret her decision?

Marilyn explains to Leah that she's no longer comfortable visiting John in prison after seeing him lose his temper but Leah thinks Marilyn's making a harsh decision. Later, VJ visits Marilyn and tells her that he forgave John because he's a good person and she should do the same. Will Marilyn visit John in prison and give him the support he needs?

Meanwhile, John is suffering in jail as it seems Deacon, the inmate that touched Marilyn's bum, is determined to make John's life hell…

Zac comes to Summer Bay House to pick up his mail and Leah gives him the cold shoulder. He tries to convince Leah to give him another chance, but she's adamant she wants a divorce and even takes off her wedding ring.

As Zac tries to change Leah's mind, she gets a call from Olivia. VJ's drunk and he needs to be picked up. Zac goes with Leah, but she makes it clear they are no longer a family.