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Martin Clunes: Islands of America – ITV

Martin Clunes: Islands of America. Pictured: Martin Clunes meets world famous Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic island-hopping journey around America

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic island-hopping journey around America

Doc Martin and Manhunt star Martin Clunes sets off on a 10,000-mile journey to explore some of the many thousands of islands scattered off the shores of America, in this new four-part series, which follows on from his Islands of Britain and Islands of Australia series.

He begins in two contrasting places – tropical Hawaii and snowy Alaska.

HAWAII & ALASKA episode one

In Hawaii, Martin seeks out the bits of the state not on the tourist map and meets islanders displaced by a devastating volcanic eruption.

Martin Clunes: Islands of America

Martin Clunes joins wildlife expert Jen Culbertson on Kodiak Island

On an Alaskan island, the actor is awestruck by the sight of a magnificent Kodiak bear and her cubs.

‘It was a privilege seeing these creatures in their natural habitat,’ says Martin.

‘But I’m saddened hunters pay $30,000 to shoot them.

Managed hunts are a big part of the island’s economy but I just can’t square it.’


MARTIN CLUNES : ISLANDS OF AMERICA Tuesday 5th February 2019

Martin spots a Grizzly bear


Martin takes to the skies in a 1920s biplane to fly over the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and visits Avery Island in Louisiana to see how the world-famous Tabasco chilli sauce is made.

His highlight, though, was in California at the Channel Islands National Park, known as ‘America’s Galápagos’, home to some unique wildlife…

‘There’s a seal and sea-lion colony there with thousands of them,’ says Martin.

‘If we had just walked in, they would have scarpered or tried to fight us but there’s a rangers’ monitoring station where they collect data on the animals.

They get into a box on wheels, painted a sandy colour. We wheeled out right smack in the middle of the colony and I got a seal-fie!’

A fascinating series, and Martin makes a wonderful guide.

TV Times rating: *****