Martin treats a mystery man

Doc and Louisa are rudely awakened at the crack of dawn by two fisherman carrying a man they found unconscious on the beach. Martin examines the man, who appears to be suffering from dehydration and finds out his name is Robert Campbell. He then starts asking Martin questions about his family before slipping out of the surgery while Morwena isn't looking and, once he spies Ruth, he begins following her.

Ruth is unnerved by finding a red rose on her car windscreen and a birthday cake on the kitchen table. Later, she discovers Robert at the farm running a bath. He tells her that he is former patient of hers and that he is in love with her. As she talks calmly to him, first Martin and then Penhale arrive which freaks Robert out and, in the tussle that ensues, Martin is cut with a knife!

Meanwhile, it is Mike Pruddy's first day looking after James, but Louisa isn't comfortable about it and pops back home to see how he is doing. Both he and baby James are doing fine, but Louisa is beginning to question whether she can juggle being a head teacher and a mother.