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Martin tries to sweet-talk Stacey

Kush struggles with the rules and regulations of Ramadan but reminds himself he's doing it for Shabnam. Meanwhile, Martin asks Stacey to help him out at the allotment. Although initially reluctant, she does turn up, and they open up about the past. When Martin gets flirty, Stacey makes a quick exit, only to be confronted by a loved up Kush and Shabnam at home. Feeling down, Stacey shares a passionate kiss with Martin and they head to the bedroom.

Buster has a game of chess with Vincent and the pair bond. After seeing a different side to Dean following his outburst in Blades, Buster tries to talk to Shirley about him, but has no luck. The courier arrives with the DNA results and Buster intercepts him. Dean pays a visit to Roxy while he waits for the results to take his mind of things.

Sonia is concerned when she discovers that Liam has been taking double the amount of food as normal from the kitchen. Talking to Carol about it, Sonia is frustrated when Carol seems unconcerned. Taking matters into her own hands, Sonia confronts Liam, causing a huge argument between her and Carol. Later, Carol finally twigs that there's something strange going on and finds Cindy hiding under Liam's bed!