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Can Mel Owen get through to her son Hunter about his dad Steve?

Tamzin Outhwaite on Mel Owen's and Hunter's relationship: 'It's volatile'
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Mel deals with the aftermath of Hunter finding out the whole truth about his dad Steve Owen, which has left her son disturbed...

Mel’s son Hunter has found out the truth about who his father Steve Owen really was. He is stunned and it has hit him hard. Later, Hunter goes missing but Mel finds him in the graveyard. He is visiting his grandmother Barbara’s grave. Can Mel comfort him?

Honey is still in shock after finding out about Billy sleeping with Tina. Things get even worse when Billy then drops the bombshell that he’s lost his job! Desperate not to lose Honey, Billy insists that his night with Tina meant nothing. Can Honey put his indiscretion behind her?

Martin is furious when Stacey won’t agree to let Martin have the children overnight. Fed up and frustrated, Martin talks to Michelle, who decides to have a word with Stacey herself. After approaching Stacey, Michelle is worried she’s got nowhere. Stacey later has a change of heart, however, and takes Hope to see Martin. They are soon rowing again when Martin assumes she’s only brought round Hope so that she can have some alone time with Max!