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Mel Owen gives Mick Carter the number for a hitman to take out Aidan!

EastEnders Mick Carter Mel Owen
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Mick Carter is stunned when Mel suggests a very final way for Mick to get Aidan out of his life, by hiring someone to take him out for good...

Linda and Mick Carter are nervous about retribution from Aidan. When Linda wants to call the police again, Mick decides it’s best if he deals with Aidan himself. Visiting Jack, Mick asks him if he has anything on Aidan that he can remember from his days in the police. Meanwhile, Billy clicks that Mel knows Aidan and confronts her about it. Mel confesses, but makes Billy promise that he won’t tell anyone. Keen to help out Mick, he lets slip about Mel’s connection to Aidan and agrees to help Mick stand up to Aidan if it comes to it. When Aidan sees Mick coming out of the club he gives Mel a stern warning to steer clear of him, and punches Billy in the process!

Mel is concerned about Mick and gives him a number to call to get rid of Aidan once and for all! Mick is taken aback that Mel’s suggesting he have Aidan bumped off and insists he’s not that kind of guy. Later, Mick finds out that petrol has been poured into the Vic and he finds a note from Aidan warning him that the Carters have until Thursday evening to get him his money.

Phil is back in the Square after visiting Ben and he’s gobsmacked to discover that Sharon has not only reopened the club, she’s installed Mel as manager! Still worried about the missing cash, Phil confronts Jay and demands to know where it is. Jay denies all knowledge, handing Phil the box that Aidan gave Keanu to hide in the coffin. Meanwhile, Sharon reopening the club has put Aidan on the alert and he asks Phil how he could afford to relaunch it…