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Mo gets a shock as Mr T returns to Holby!

Chizzy Akudolu plays Mo Effanga in Holby City

Mo's surprised to find Mr T - the man she rejected - back at Holby. And it seems lots has happened since he's been away...

When surgeon Mo Effanga told obstetrician Mr Thompson that their one-night stand was a one off, a devastated Mr T left for a new job in Sweden. Shortly after, Mo discovered she was pregnant with Mr T’s baby.

So she’s stunned, this week, when she comes face to face with Mr T (Ben Hull) while treating a cancer patient with new nurse Inga Olsen. Mr T tells Mo how her rejection destroyed him, but drops a bombshell when he reveals he’s engaged! Mr T then introduces Mo to his fiancée – and it’s new nurse Inga!

It’s Mr T who’s left speechless, however, when he later learns Mo’s pregnant. Knowing he could be the baby’s dad, he grills Mo, but she lies saying she conceived with a sperm donor. Later, at Albie's, Mo prepares to tell Mr T the truth but, seeing him happy with Inga, she decides now is not the time...

Elsewhere it’s Sacha’s 50th birthday and, while he doesn’t want any fuss, Dominic, Essie and the rest of the staff clearly have other ideas. Meanwhile, Essie confides in Domthat she thinks she might finally be pregnant – so she’s devastated when a pregnancy test is negative… again!

When Sacha then sees Essie chatting to a little girl, he realises just how desperately she wants children but, later, he drops the bombshell that he never really wanted a child. With heavy hearts, Essie and Sacha decide to split up!

Also, Serena tries to cover her confused feelings for Bernie after THAT kiss last week and the mood is tense between them. But when Serena finally realises what she wants, will it be too late?