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Monty Don’s American Gardens – BBC2

Monty Don’s American Gardens
(Image credit: BBC / Alexandra Henderson)

Monty explores the West Coast for the last part of his look at the scenery of the United States in Monty Don’s American Gardens on BBC2

The final episode of Monty Don’s American Gardens on BBC2 begins in Arizona (pictured top), where cacti of all varieties mark this dramatic landscape, either in the desert, or in people’s gardens, where they have replaced more traditional flowers and lawns.

After a stop in Palm Springs, Monty views gardens with some famous owners, before picking up a red convertible and heading to Los Angeles.

There he samples the glamour and glitz of gardens built to impress, before he fulfils one of his lifetime ambitions by visiting, not a garden, but a magnificent redwood forest.

Monty Don’s American Gardens

Monty visits LA’s Dawnridge garden in the last of Monty Don’s American Gardens on BBC2

Finally, in Seattle, he visits a tropical getaway for the city’s workforces, and reflects on whether he has captured what makes the definitive American garden...

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TV Times rating: ****