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Mrs Tembe has an STI!

(Image credit: BBC)

How will she break the news to JJ?

Mrs Tembe stands outside her front door, as she comes to terms with having a Sexually Transmitted Infection. She finally finds the confidence to walk through the door but she's agitated to find out that Heston and Ruhma have a arrived for a dinner party!

Mrs Tembe admits that the dinner party had completely slipped her mind and is on edge for the whole night. When JJ questions her odd behaviour, she struggles to her express herself. Then, she insults Ruhma, but apologises immediately. But when Ruhma asks her if everything is OK between her and JJ, Mrs Tembe snaps!

With Mrs Tembe's out of character behaviour making everyone uncomfortable, JJ demands to know what's wrong. So Mrs Tembe writes down her illness on a piece of paper. How will JJ react?