Naomi dumps Brennan?

Naomi has to put up with Brennan as he copes badly with a case of man-flu and she can't help but compare him to Paul. Finding Brennan lacking, she makes an important decision: she's with the wrong man. She breaks up with Brennan, leaving him more than a little stunned.

Lauren is shaken by how rude Bailey is to Brennan, accusing him of betraying Matt and encourages Brennan to charge him for impersonating a police officer. Meanwhile, Brad shares Matt's dying request with Terese - that he look after Lauren – and she realises that there is a new threat to her marriage. Susan reassures her the last thing Lauren is interested in is romance but Terese remains uneasy.

On hearing that Paul plans on stepping down as Mayor, Toadie gathers the neighbours and organises a mock campaign for Paul's Mayorship. Naomi lures Paul out of the hotel to face the crowd of support as they tell him they want him to fight this illness and continue being Mayor. Paul is hugely moved.

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