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Nate's date takes a surprising turn

Nate meets Brett at Off Air, but when Alistair wanders in, he realises he's the guy who made the homophobic slur a few weeks ago. A protective Kyle warns Alistair to leave but he loiters, and Brett gets fed up of Nate's constant distraction and leaves. Nate confronts Alistair but is stunned when Alistair plants a passionate kiss on his lips and then runs off.

Brennan convinces Tyler to join him in a night in. However, a defensive Tyler goes on the attack, and retreats to The Waterhole where Kyle assures him the bust up will blow over. Deeply concerned about his little brother, he’s called for reinforcements.

Josh tells Imogen that, as a result of her interrogation, he’s been fired. But when Brennan reports back that the company checks out as completely legit, Imogen makes an impassioned plea to Forrest Jones, the head of the company. Josh gets his job back but Imogen is still suspicious, so when Forrest suggests she try one of his martial arts courses, she sees an opportunity to get to the truth.