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Neeta and Sally become flatmates!

Sally Neeta Hollyoaks

Is Sally totally up for the idea of sharing a house with Neeta?

Neeta's optimistic when she and Sally have to move out of their flat because of pest control issues. As they meet with an estate agent, Neeta lies that she and Sally are a couple to hide the fact she's got a bad credit score. Something the estate agent says, though, makes Sally question whether living with her is the right idea.

Neeta, however, won't let Sally push her away and produces keys to their new home. Can they live in perfect harmony?

Meanwhile, Mercedes is stunned when Freddie turns up with Lexi and asks her to take her. Will Mercedes agree?

Marnie’s furious when Mac accuses her of being a bad parent and plots to step up her plan of revenge.

Also, Scott's full of hope, and Sienna and Warren have an eventful day.