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Neighbours Spoilers: Will jealousy ruin Aaron and David's relationship?

Neighbours Aaron Brennan David Tanaka

Aaron is jealous when fiancee David takes a fancy to hunky gardener Cassius

Aaron is jealous when he discovers new fiance David has got the hots for hunky gardener Cassius. David insists he was just "window shopping" and Aaron is the only man for him. But Aaron is still feeling insecure, as it's not that long ago that the couple broke-up. Can David find a way to convince Aaron they are back together for good?

Meanwhile, the Rebecchi family stand united against racist Marisa, who is eventually kicked off the footie team for harassing Yashvi. However, Yashvi's dad Shane later sees Marisa on her way to work at Lassiter's and discovers the girl isn't sorry at all for her behaviour. Furious, Shane turns to Leo for help and demands Marisa is fired from the hotel. But what can Leo do now he is just a humble intern?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5