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Neighbours Spoilers: Elly Conway is reunited with her half-sister Beatrix Nillson

There's a blast from the past for teacher Elly when her estranged sister Beatrix comes to Erinsborough...

Elly is spooked when she thinks she has seen her half-sister, Beatrix, around Erinsborough. The pair haven't spoken in five years since a mystery fall-out. So what is Beatrix doing in town and does she still hold a grudge against Elly?

When the sisters finally come face-to-face, Elly is desperate for them to put the past behind them. But does Beatrix feel the same way?

Elsewhere, it's Xanthe's 18th birthday and somehow she ends up having her birthday party at the Flametree Retreat where her dad Gary is hoping to become the new manager. But the party gets out of hand when bad girl Freya spikes the drinks of both Xanthe and Piper, leading to some very bizarre behaviour!

Meanwhile, Karl is on the mend after the camping trip disaster and ready to be discharged from hospital. But will a visit from millionaire Rita about their MRI scheme jeopardise his recovery? Karl's wife Susan urges Karl to take a break from the stressful work project. But how will Rita react when she finds out?

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