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Neighbours spoilers: Imogen Willis returns to Erinsborough!

Neighbours, Imogen Willis, Ned Willis
8065 Imogen Willis returns to Erinsborough to run Toadie's practice

Surprise! Brad and Terese's daughter Imogen returns from the States to run Toadie's law firm and is soon the cause of family DRAMA!

Brad and Terese Willis's daughter Imogen (played by Ariel Kaplan) was last seen in 2016 when she got hitched to neighbour Daniel Robinson and moved to America to take a new job.

So there's a surprise in store this week, when Ned Willis bumps into sister Imogen down at Lassiters and discovers she is back in Erinsborough to run Toadie Rebecchi's law firm while the lawyer is away on a family trip to the USA.

However, it's not long before legal eagle Imogen stumbles upon a family scandal and threatens to expose the secret!

She finds out her sister Piper Willis has been hooking-up with their mum Terese's ex-boyfriend Leo Tanaka and thinks Terese has a right to know. Talk about sticking your nose in! What a sticky beak! Will Imogen tell Terese what Piper and Leo have been up to and cause BIG family drama?

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis

Will Imogen spill the beans on Piper and Leo? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Mark Brennan has a lot on his mind after discovering his new wife Elly Conway is pregnant.

Normally the news would be cause for celebration. But Elly dropped the SHOCK news just after Mark announced he wanted to annul their marriage because Elly had cheated on him with his sister Chloe.

But when angry Elly drops harsh home truths on Mark over the way he has behaved in recent weeks, leaving her wondering whether their wedding was on or off and sharing his woes at the graveside of his dead fiancee Kate Ramsay, will Mark accept he's also to blame for what's happened and agree to give Elly and their marriage another chance?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5