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Neighbours spoilers: Ned Willis launches his art exhibition!

Neighbours, Ned Willis

Loads of Ramsay Street residents gather for the long-awaited launch of Ned Willis's art exhibition on Neighbours. But is the event about to go horribly wrong?

At last! The day of Ned Willis's (played by Ben Hall) art exhibition arrives on Neighbours (1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ned's exhibition is all set up and ready to go, and he is pleased that his girlfriend, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) has agreed to attend.

Yashvi has yet to forgive Ned over all that murky business with stalker Scarlett Brady (Christie Whelan Browne).

But since there's no sign of scheming troublemaker Scarlett, maybe Ned and Yashvi can just enjoy spending some quality time together.

Or are things at the exhibition about to go horribly wrong?

Neighbours, Yashvi Rebecchi

Yashvi turns up to support Ned at his art exhibition on Neighbours

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, both Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal) and Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) are all dressed-up with nowhere to go when their partners, Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) have to bail on them because of work matters.

Dipi and Pierce find themselves on a "date" at The Waterhole.

Neighbours, Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson

Will Dipi and Pierce be able to resist temptation when they find themselves on a "date" on Neighbours?

As the pair share wine and their deepest thoughts and feelings, it looks like they are getting closer than ever.


Could this mean THAT kiss in the hotel room at Lassiters was not just a one-off?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5