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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson gets Gary Canning sacked from the Retreat

Neighbours, Gary Canning

Paul does some digging on rival Gary and discovers his connection to prison inmate Jeremy, which leads to Gary losing his job as manager of the Retreat

Despite family friend Susan Kennedy warning Paul Robinson to stop meddling in his childrens' relationships, Paul is determined to sabotage daughter Amy Williams's new romance with spa manager, Gary Canning.

So ruthless Paul does some digging and discovers Gary's connection to criminal Jeremy Sluggett, who previously attempted to rob from The Flametree Retreat.

Wrongly assuming Gary is involved in some sort of dodgy insurance scam with Jeremy, Paul reports his concerns to spa owner Steph Scully, who left Gary to run the business when she left Erinsborough to move to Sydney earlier this year, causing poor Gary to be sacked from his job!

Meanwhile, following Sheila Canning's discovery of a pregnancy test kit in her bag, Sheila's granddaughter Xanthe reveals she bought the pregnancy test for her friend Piper Willis.

Sheila puts two and two together and realises killer Cassius Grady could be the father of Piper's baby. Will Sheila tell him? And secret lovers Chloe Brennan and multi-millionaire Pierce Greyson meet for a steamy date at the Lassiter's sauna.

But as Pierce starts asking Chloe about her plans for the future, could it be the wealthy businessman is starting to fall for his paid-for escort?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5