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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson is out for revenge on lovers Terese Willis and Leo Tanaka!

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

A vengeful Paul cranks up the pressure and exposes Terese and Leo's secret relationship to the rest of Erinsborough. Will he manage to split the couple up?

After booting his son Leo Tanaka out of the family penthouse, vengeful Paul Robinson continues to wreck revenge by exposing Leo's secret affair with Terese Willis to the rest of their friends and family.

Paul's other son David tries to convince his dad to see sense, but still feeling betrayed by Leo hooking-up with his own ex-love, Terese, Paul sets out to sabotage Leo's business at the Backpackers...

Despite the shock of discovering her mum Terese's mystery man is actually Leo, Piper Willis takes pity on homeless Leo and invites him to move into Number 22. But will Terese take to the idea of living with Leo so early in their relationship?

Meanwhile, after being affected by the scary turn of events involving Piper and her now ex-boyfriend Cassius Grady, Bea Nilsson's friend Ned Willis encourages her to face her fears and confront Cassius in prison over the angry way he previously treated her.

Feeling empowered after facing up to killer Cassius, Bea begins to wonder if she has the strength to confront her twisted ex-fiance Finn Kelly, who left Bea, her sister Elly Conway and their aunt Susan Kennedy to perish in a locked storage container a while back.

But evil Finn is still missing-in-action. Is Bea fired-up enough to try and track him down and make him face up to his crimes?

Elsewhere, Dipi Rebecchi has managed to work her magic and reunite her sister Mishti Sharma with fiance Pavan Nahal. But there's a twist in the tale, since Paval has been offered a new job in Sydney. Is Mishti ready to pack her bags and leave Ramsay Street for love?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5