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Neighbours spoilers: Has Terese Willis cheated on boyfriend Leo Tanaka?

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

After seeing Terese sneak out of Pierce's hotel room, ruthless Paul wastes no time in telling his son Leo that his girlfriend Terese has cheated on him...

Paul Robinson has been all fired-up to wreck his son Leo Tanaka's relationship with Terese Willis for weeks. So after seeing Terese sneaking out of the room of multi-millionaire guest Pierce Greyson, Paul jumps to the conclusion the hotel manager has been mixing both business and pleasure!

He wastes no time in dropping a bombshell on Leo that Terese has clearly been cheating on him. Terese strongly denies Paul's accusation. But who will Leo believe: Terese or Paul? And what really happened in that hotel room, with Terese prepared to take the necessary steps to convince Pierce to help her buy Paul out of Lassiters?

Meanwhile, Paul's daughter Amy Williams is getting more and more fed up with his ruthless behaviour, especially after his recent meddling caused Amy's new boyfriend Gary Canning to be sacked from his job as manager of The Flametree Retreat.

Will Amy decide to quit as job on Paul's new property development Robinson Pines, so she can put some distance between herself and her dad?

Neighbours, Alice Wells

Watch out, Alice is about! (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, wicked nanny Alice Wells steps up her plans to get former addict Sonya Rebecchi addicted to pain medication, as part of her vendetta against the Rebecchi family, blaming them for driving her conwoman daughter Andrea Somers into a psychiatric hospital.

But when Alice's drug supply runs out, what desperate measures will she resort to in order to get her hands on more medication?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5