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Neighbours spoilers: The truth about Cassius Grady is finally revealed!

Neighbours, Cassius Grady

Who is gardener Cassius Grady? And what is he really doing in Erinsborough? The mystery is finally solved with the arrival of Cassius's mum...

Piper seems smitten with her new boyfriend Cassius. But little does she know, the gardener hasn't been entirely honest about his past.

Cassius has been experiencing flashbacks to events that happened in Erinsborough last year. So he's been hanging around the area a lot longer than he has let on. But why is he still keeping quiet about saving Piper's life out in the bush or rescuing Paige and Jack's kidnapped baby son, Gabe?

But now the Ramsay Street gardener has been thrown into a spin by the arrival of his mum in Erinsborough, and the shock truth about Cassius's life is finally exposed!

Meanwhile, despite her hotel games room being shut down, things are looking-up for Chloe when a wealthy widower Orian invites her out for lunch and then gives her $300! Is Chloe onto a new money-making opportunity?

And has Mark and Elly's renewed romance already run into trouble, when she looks forward to spending the night together at No.28. But then Mark makes his excuses and leaves. What's going on?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5