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Neighbours spoilers: What is Andrea Somers's BIG lie?

Neighbours, Andrea Somers

As Toadie starts to slowly have a change-of-heart about conwoman Andrea, will he let her see their son Hugo? And can she really be trusted?

Toadie Rebecchi is all mixed-up after walking into the Kennedy house and witnessing Andrea Somers have a terrified meltdown at the end of her hypnosis session with doctor Karl Kennedy.

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Andrea agreed to a hypnosis session with doctor Karl (Picture: Channel 5)

As far as Toadie is concerned, his first wife Dee Bliss is dead and lookalike Andrea is just playing more twisted games by claiming she has information that could lead to tracking Dee down. However, policeman Mark Brennan points out that Andrea could also lead them to her wicked mother Alice Wells (aka Heather Schilling), and they can finally bring her to justice for the ordeal she put Toadie's wife, Sonya through.

After a heart-to-heart with neighbours Karl and his wife Susan, will Toadie agree to grant Andrea her wish and let her see Hugo?

Andrea vows to do whatever it takes to make things right for her past crimes, including helping the police track down her runaway mum. But little do any of them know, Andrea is up to her old tricks when she makes a secret phone call. But to WHO?

Meanwhile, Paul Robinson is now the proud owner of a (stolen) racehorse, which he gives girlfriend Terese as a surprise gift.

Neighbours, Vance Abernethy, Terese Willis

Terese has a SHOCK ultimatum for ex-lover Vance! (Picture: Channel 5)

But Terese's excitement at re-visiting her horse riding days is short-lived when Terese receives information from family relative Ned Willis that her new horse is stolen. And the scene is set for a dramatic showdown between Terese and Vance, with her giving her ex-lover a SHOCK ultimatum...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5